Smart Medication Dispenser with Arduino

This post describes a prototype of a smart medication dispenser, created with an Arduino as the controlling unit. The hardware platform and the software to support all the functionalities were created from scratch. Some of the functionalities include the possibility to connect the dispenser to a smartphone using HC-06 bluetooth module, or to communicate with a remote server through the internet, using ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.

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Hello world!

Hi! My name is Nuno Santos and I created this blog to share some knowledge about electronics, programming and technology with others.

I’ve been mainly writing about microcontrollers, with special focus on Espressif’s chips: the ESP32 and the ESP8266.

My first contact with these chips was a couple years ago when doing my master’s thesis, where I used the ESP8266 as a serial to WiFi adapter, to extend the communication capabilities of an Arduino board.

At that time, the chip was sold at eBay as a generic serial to WiFi adapter and few people knew its true capabilities.  Since then, the ecosystem around Espressif’s chips has evolved tremendously, and I really appreciate exploring and writing about the capabilities of these devices.

Additionally, I’m interested in many other technological areas, which I also like to explore. So, I intend to expand the blog content to other areas, such as general programming, computer vision, databases, etc…

I blog as a hobby, mainly to learn new stuff and share my findings with the community. So, I have very few limited time to write, which I try to balance with my daily job and other hobbies I have.

Nonetheless, I’ll try to keep posting regularly, as I take great joy in writing these articles and learn more every day. 

So, I hope this content helps others in creating their personal projects and have some fun while doing it 🙂