Shorting a voltage source conceptual error

This post describes some conceptual errors with voltage sources, that arise from the definition of voltage source and short circuit.

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Toggling a LED with Arduino and HC-06

Following the previous post describing the HC-06 module, this one shows how to use it to build a simple program to toggle the debugging LED of anĀ Arduino board, using Bluetooth.

This tutorial assumes the use of the HC-06 integrated in the baseboard described in the previous post.

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Voltage sources and resistors

When developing for embedded systems, having knowledge about electronics gives much more freedom on what we can create. Instead of using only shields or demonstration boards, we can develop custom solutions for our needs, allowing for a greater efficiency and a lower cost.

This post explains some very basic principles about electronics, namely DC voltage sources and resistors. I’ll try to make some posts about more basic electronics every once in a while, in order to complement the other posts about embedded systems.

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Smart Medication Dispenser with Arduino

This post describes a prototype of a smart medication dispenser, created with an Arduino as the controlling unit. The hardware platform and the software to support all the functionalities were created from scratch. Some of the functionalities include the possibility to connect the dispenser to a smartphone using HC-06 bluetooth module, or to communicate with a remote server through the internet, using ESP8266 Wi-Fi module.

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