Hi! My name is Nuno Santos and I’m an Electrotecnics and Computers Engineer. I live in Lisbon, Portugal and I work as a full stack developer in my daily job.

I created this blog to share what I’ve learned through my course, my professional life and my free time working with electronics, programming or learning about technology. I also have a YouTube Channel where I post some video tutorials.

I do my best to provide useful and correct information, but please let me know if you find any mistake or imprecision in the articles. Also, every feedback is appreciated in order to keep improving the quality of the content. Nonetheless, I assume no responsibility for the usage of the content shared on this blog.

Although I have some forms of monetization in this blog, I do not live from blogging and I write only on my free time, as a hobby.

For code doubts, please leave a comment in the blog. Due to time constraints, I cannot look into extensive pieces of code or write code on demand, but I’ll try my best to answer questions and give suggestions. Furthermore, the answers to these questions may be useful for other readers, so it is better to keep them public.

Advertisement: This blog contains some advertisement, for which we receive some monetary compensation. 

Affiliate links: This blog contains some affiliate links to products. This means we may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

Sharing content: Feel free to share the content from this blog. Citing the original source is appreciated, but left to your consideration. However, I take no responsibility for how the content from this blog is used, distributed, changed or shared. I do not track who shared the content and I cannot assume responsibility if someone breaks any rules of other platforms (spamming, adding commercial links, posting in inappropriate sections, etc..).


This blog is dedicated to my best friend Pedro Marques, who taught me so much during my life. Rest in peace my brother.

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  1. hi.
    did you ever try to use the Linkit 7688 Duo with arduino and REST API?
    To me it seams to lack that part on openwrt side.
    Im not able to make it work as my yun works…
    If you have. Pleas send me a note.

    1. Hi!

      Sorry never used Arduino on the Linkit :/ Just played a bit with Python at the time I was more actively working with it.

      It’s a very nice board nonetheless, very powerful and cheap, I hope to have some time to get back t it.

      Best regards,
      Nuno Santos

  2. Hi Nuno, I tried to leave a comment on one of your excellent blog entries but I don’t think it worked. If this comment works, I will leave more details here instead – hope you don’t mind.

  3. hi Nuno, fisrt of all thanks for your excellent Blog and useful tutorials. i had a problem with my project on ESP8266 that didn’t found any clear solution to solve it, could you please help me on that ?

    the issue is i want to config ESP as AP mode to route incoming ulrs to another one, for example:

    first run esp as AP mode, then i connect to it with my phone, and in my phone browser i enter this address “http://www.testwebsite.com/123,1234,12345” now i want to parse url and extract all numbers “123 1234 1234” then redirect/re-route to new url “http://www.newwebsite.com/123,1234,12345”

    for clear explanation.. you think i want to config my ESP like repeater, with manage on url.. the purpose of this project is, redirect all external urls to my local host web server “like xampp”

    could you please help me to handle this project ?

    thanks alot

    1. hi, Sorry for bothering you again 😀

      did you get the main purpose of the project ?
      i just wanna know is it possible to implement this project on ESP ?
      if it possible, could you please take some tips to do ?


      P.S: i searched for “captive portal” but i think it doesn’t help too much.

  4. i am facing issues with ds3231. I configured ds3231 with esp8266 as per your instructions. Initially it was fine after few days it is not giving the proper data. data is not incrementing. continuously i am getting 2000/1/1 0:0:0

    1. 1/1/2000 is the date of the clock after power up with no battery connected to the ds3231 battery pin so you have either no battery connected or the battery is flat so that the ds3231 always starts at 1/1/2000 at power up

  5. I just want to say a BIG BIG Thank you for your Blog! I just started learning to handle ESP32 and have to use it at work ( and play around with it) and your Blog is so much of a help with it!!!! Please continue doing what you do here!

  6. Nuno, DigitSpace now accepts hardward sponsorship requests. if you need FREE hardware to build your next DIY project, pin me for more details.

    Renee with DigitSpace

    1. Hi!

      No, we are not related and I never met him 🙂 It is just a coincidence because Santos is a very common last name here in Portugal.

      But it is actually a funny coincidence that we are both from Portugal, write about the same topics and have the same last name!

      Best regards,
      Nuno Santos

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