UART OBLOQ: Get Firmware version

In this tutorial we will check how to get the firmware version that is running on the UART OBLOQ.



In this tutorial we will check how to get the firmware version that is running on the UART OBLOQ.

As we have covered in this introductory post, OBLOQ is based on the famous ESP8266. Since we interact with OBLOQ with serial commands, it means that the ESP8266 microcontroller is running a firmware that is able to interpret those commands and act accordingly.

This means that this firmware may change over time, so it’s useful to have a way of checking the version that is running in our device, so we know which commands are available.

In order to interact with the OBLOQ, we will use a serial to USB converter and the Arduino IDE serial monitor. Please check in this previous tutorial the wiring needed between the two devices and how to use the serial monitor to interact with it.

The command

The command needed to retrieve the firmware version is very simple, pretty much like we did in the previous tutorial for pinging the device. So basically we just need to send the command below:


Figure 1 shows the Arduino IDE serial monitor before sending this command. Don’t forget to set “Carriage return” in the first dropdown at the bottom of the serial monitor. Also make sure to set the baud rate to 9600.

UART OBLOQ print firmware version command.png

Figure 1 – Sending the UART OBLOQ command to retrieve the firmware version.

Upon sending the command, you should receive the OBLOQ answer with the currently running firmware version, in the following format:


You can check the expected result in figure 2. As can be seen, my device is running version 3.0 of the firmware.

UART OBLOQ firmware version command answer

Figure 2 – Printing the firmware version of OBLOQ.



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